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This Is Your Lunchroom - Help Keep It Clean

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Safety Sign: This is Your Lunch Room - Help Keep It Clean

Make your message clear. Warn workers about hazards that could result in death or serious injury.

Convenient signs are available in 8 materials and comply with OSHA specifications for accident prevention message formats, colors, and symbols on safety signs.



  • Semi-rigid poly carbonate material
  • Protected by Duck Armor™ Liquid Laminate
  • Resits abrasion, humidity, and chemicals
  • Rounded corners and 3/16'' mounting holes


  • Flexible poly-composite material with UV protective laminate
  • Resistant to abrasions, humidity, chemicals, solvents and fading from the sunlight
  • Permanent, acrylic adhesive back with peel-off liner
  • Adheres to most smooth, curved, and irregular surfaces


  • Printed image on rigid 0.040'' aluminum sheet
  • Protected by 2-mil high-gloss UV polyester over-laminate film
  • Withstands splashes and wash-downs
  • Rounded corners and 3/16'' mounting holes
  • Indoor and outdoor usage (excellent for harsh environments)
  • Get the strength of metal, without the rust
  • Guaranteed for 5 years


  • 0.055'' thick with good impact resistance and surface image with matte finish
  • Ideal for flat surfaces with enough flex to mount on slightly curved areas
  • Contains UV inhibitors
  • Rounded corners and 3/16'' mounting holes
  • Medium-duty application (indoor or sheltered outdoor locations)
  • Manufactured with 50% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic


  • 4-mil thick, moisture-resistant non-glare surface
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Easily mounts to most flat surfaces
  • Square corners and scored backing for quick peel-off and application
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Light-duty application (indoor or sheltered outdoor locations)
  • Service temperature range -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Printed on rigid Fiberglass material and protected by Duck Armor™ Liquid Laminate
  • Will no crack or chip as a result of  exposure to extreme environments
  • Can be cut to most any shape
  • Impervious to mold, mildew, stains and rust
  • Fiberglass withstands abrasions, impacts, corrosion and chemicals
  • Rounded corns and 3/16 mounting holes on most sizes


  • Resists impacts, flexing, vandalism, corrosion, chemicals, abrasions and more
  • Material is 40% lighter than solid aluminum yet maintains the same durability and rigidity
  • Protected by Duck Armor™ Liquid Laminate


  • Two-Ply, poly carbonate plastic with industrial strength backing
  • Resists fading, chemicals, corrosion, abrasions, cracking and chipping
  • Non-glare reverse subsurface print encapsulated by permanently, bonded embossed poly surface
  • Rounded corners and 1/4" mounting holes on most sizes

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