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Vinyl Apron- Blue 6 Mil with Sewn Edge (12 aprons)

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LS 063S4RC - blue sewn edge (12 aprons)
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Vinyl Apron for use in vegetable, meat and or poultry processing plants. These Vinyl Aprons are resistant to fat, oils, chemicals and abrasions.

Vinyl Apron

The first choice for vegetable, meat and poultry processing plants. These Protective Aprons are made from high quality virgin vinyl that's resistant to fats, oils, chemicals and abrasions. The aprons also have adjustable ties.

Model Number: 0634S4

Color: Blue

Sold by the dozen

Size: 35" x 45"


6 mil Vinyl Apron

Sewn Edge

Used in meat, poultry, and vegetable processing plants

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