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Wall Mount Organizer- Document Protection

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This Flip View Doc Pocket Organizer or Wall Mount Organizer- Document Protection works to help you eliminate paper clutter.

Flip-View doc-PocketTM Organizer- Document Holder
Eliminate paper clutter and unsightly reference sheets tacked or taped to the walls, or scattered around the work areas.
Place frequently referenced documents into the Flip-View Doc-PocketTM Organizer. Access now means it is a quick flip to look up information - right at your fingertips.
Clear Doc-PocketsTM store and display documents in an organizer. They are transparent PVC plastic on both sides with color plastic-coated steel wire frame and pivot tabs. The top is open to slip in 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. The unique flexible design of the Doc-PocketTM frame allows for inserting the pivot tabs into an organizer. In the organizer, the Doc-PocketsTM are neatly stored and readily accessible to flip to the searchable information. Flex the Doc-Pocketâ„¢ to easily remove or transfer documents on the go. Doc-PocketsTM are available in five color-coated steel frame for color-coding purposes, along with index tabs for improved reference.
Wall Mount Organizer
Gray steel Wall Mount Organizer is a plate that holds up to 10 Doc-PocketsTM (for 20 sheets). Features include wire side stops and mulitple option holes for proper vertical mount. To expand the capacity, mount multiple organizers side-by-side. Included with wall mount plate organizer are 10 Doc-PocketsTM - two of each color (green, black, yellow, red, blue), index tabs, and mounting screws.

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