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Water Cooler Tether Lockout- Cooler Not Included

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Water Cooler Tether Lockout

Water Cooler Tether Lockout- cooler not included- padlock and tags sold separately

Lockout the access to opening of the portable water cooler, and prevent possible cross-contamination of the water.
Potable water in the water cooler must be of drinking quality. The Water Cooler Tether Lockout device, secured with a standard padlock, can prevent unwanted entry into the water cooler. Attach to the padlock a specially marked PF-Cardstock Tag to identify the water cooler content with specific information.

The plastic tether and tab lockout assembly fastens to the water cooler lid and body with stainless steel screws (provided). When the water cooler is open, the tether design prevents the lid from coming into contact with the cooler body or the ground. * Designed to fit the top of most pull-off lid style water coolers.

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