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Write A Day Pounds Lost Scoreboard- Plastic 1

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Work Healthy Write A Day Scoreboards help your employees to stay focused on their weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Motivate and excite your employees with these health themed images. This scoreboard measures 20" x 14" .

Work Healthy Write A Day Pounds Lost Scoreboard and Inches Lost Scoreboard

WorkHealthy™ Write-A-Day Scoreboards

Promote your company's wellness program.

More and more companies are beginning to understand and embrace the benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles among their employees, often launching complete wellness programs to assist with healthy options and decision making. While the benefits for the individual are numerous, companies also experience benefits as well.

Work Healthy Write A Day Scoreboards keep track of your team's health progress.

Health- themed images draw attention to the progress your employees have made toward becoming healthier. The 20" x 14" boards with corner mounting holes are available in either plastic or aluminum with poly-coated space for writing in with dry erase markers (sold separately) to track pounds or inches lost. Motivate and excite employees to continue on the right track.

Update safe working days by writing in the number with dry-erase marker. Update by wipe-off and write-in on the poly-coated space provided on the scoreboard.

Safety Scoreboards are screen-printed on durable plastic material which can withstand impacts, corrosive chemicals, and other environmental conditions.

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