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AED Cabinet- Metal with Alarm and Strobe

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This Allegro 4210-S AED Cabinet is made of corrosion resistant steel that is powder coated with electro-static finish. It also has AED graphics making your AED unit easy to find in case of an emergency. The battery operated strobe and alarm alerts others that the AED cabinet has been opened.

AED Cabinet with Alarm and Strobe
Allegro 4210-S
Additional features include a permanent metal shelf and a battery operated audio alarm and fully sealed water-proof strobe.

Metal Automated External Defibrillator case is made of corrosion resistant steel, which is powder coated with electro-static finish. Defibrillator graphics are dominantly displayed. Standard features include tempered glass, right had door opening and battery operated strobe and alarm.

Door: Single
Handle: Plastic, recessed
Material: Mild steel
Coating: Powder coated
Gauge: 20

Material: Tempered glass, clear
Size: 13” (33 cm) x 13” (33 cm) x 0.125” (.31)
Power: 9 Volt DC
Features: Fully sealed, water proof
Type: Audible
Voltage: 9 Volt DC
Decibel: 120 dB
Switch: Door activated, internal

Exterior: 20 1/4"w x 9 1/4"d x 20 1/4"h
Interior: 20 1/8"w x 8 3/4"d x 20"h
Weight: 27 lbs.

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