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Allegro 8413-11 Feather Ice Inserts

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These Allegro 8413-11 Feather Ice Inserts are for use with our cooling vests. Feather Ice Inserts freeze just like ice does but they will stay cold up to three times as long as ice will. These ice inserts are reusable.

Cooling Vest Inserts

Feather Ice Inserts
Freezes like ice, but stays cold up to three times as long. Reusable packs deliver a constant level of cold. Lightweight. The pliable powder conforms to your body when frozen. Non-toxic. 4/pkg.

Cooling Products are designed to protect and provide comfort to workers who must function in environments with excessive heat. Allegro Safety and First Aid and Safety Online caters to the demands of construction workers, firefighters, welders and factory workers as well as other applications. The feather ice inserts have been engineered to provide safe optimal temperature transfer rate, providing a more comfortable and safer cooling. It is ideal for under HazMat suits and other protective clothing.

Feather Ice Cooling Inserts for Cooling Vests
*Safe and non-toxic
* 100% organic and recyclable
* Non Flammable and non combustible
* Silica Crystals
* Sealed in Clear Package
* Maintains a constant temperature of 46 degrees F and 54 degrees F 3 times longer than ice or gel products
* Activated by freezing
* 4 inserts per package

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