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Allegro 9508 Centrifugal Air Driven Blower

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If your location has a compressor available then this Allegro 9508 Air Driven Centrifugal Blower should fit your needs. It has an aluminum fan for those explosion proof requirements and also has a steel base.

Centrifugal Blower - Air-Driven Blower
Allegro 9508
This air-driven centrifugal blower model by allegro industry requires 30 CFM at 40 psi. It uses an aluminum fan for explosion-proof requirements and includes a steel base, polyethylene housing, 2-stage filter, regulator, and lubricator. If used in hazardous environments, use statically conductive ducting.

 8”(20.3cm) flange on intake and exhaust ports
 Tough “safety orange” polyethylene construction
 One piece housing with integrated handle
 Powder coated 16 gauge steel base and handles
 Aluminum blower wheel with aluminum hub
 Steel zinc plated grill
 Equipped with four rubber feet
 Galvanized plumbing
 Brass ball valve
 Self-sealing vanes take-up their own wear, for constant output
 Four vane design for more precise inching control and for stalled start-up operation

Filtration: Zinc manifold, ABS cover, nylon guard, polycarbonate bowl, with a 40 micron sintered
polyethylene coalescing filter element and 0-1 60 psi (0-11.03 bar) pressure gauge
Lubricator: Zinc manifold, ABS cover, polycarbonate bowl with fill port for easy servicing
 Aluminum wheel with aluminum hub

weight 53 lbs.
free air 1800
1 90 degree bend 1350
2 90 degree bends 900

*Click on downloads for spec sheet and parts book on this Allegro 9508 Air Driven Centrifugal Blower

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