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Allegro 9518-08 Metal Venturi Blower, Large

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Allegro Venturi Blowers work by moving air in work sites such as power plants, utility plants, refineries, shipyards, paper and pulp plants as well as the steel and marine industry and manhole operations. Basically anywhere fumes may be poisonous, explosive or hazardous a Venturi Blower works it best.

Venturi Blower Large

Allegro 9518-08

The Venturi Blowers from Allegro are a perfect solution to moving air in refineries, utility and power plants, shipyards, paper and pulp plants, the marine and steel industry and confined space manhole operations.

Compressed air or saturated steam is the power source for our Venturi Blower line. Small volumes of high velocity air (from a compressed air source) run through the casting and out of the nozzle jets, creating a venturi action or pulling action that creates large volumes of air through the Venturi blower and out the air diffuser.

A 1/2" hose with a "crows foot" connection is recommended from your air supply source to the side inlet connection. Operate this Venturi Blower on air or steam lines limited to 140 psi.

 Galvanized steel
 Grounding cable
 Cast aluminum base
 Steel Handle.
 1/2” Chicago (universal) style connection
 Does not require protective grills
 Noise level: 82.5 dB

Overall Length 46.06"
Diameter of Base 14.37"
Diameter Top of Horn 14.25"
NPT Size 1"
Bolt Circle Diameter 13.62"
Basic Slot Diameter 0.5
Net Weight 36 lbs.

Air Flow Inlet Pressure
114 SCFM 152SCFM 1930SCFM

Total Air Flow
3152CFM 4152CFM 4929CFM

*Models 9518-08 use 16 inch ducting.

* Lightweight construction
* Convenient carry handles for one- person portability to any location
* No guards required
* Multiple inlet ports
* Sturdy steel galvanized steel diffuser
* All models include a crow's foot inlet connection
* Static ground is attached to the base of all blowers
* Single piece cast aluminum inlet housing

Shipping weight and dimensions:
42 lbs
48" x 15" x 15"

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