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Allegro 9536-25 8" Axial DC Plastic Blower w/ Compact Canister & 25' Ducting, 12V

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Allegro 9536-25 8" 12V Axial Blower with Compact Canister and 25' Ducting is a high output industrial Com-pax-ial blower.

Designed for easy use and storage and can run off truck battery without having to sacrifice airflow. 

Compact blower and canister are made of durable, lightweight corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant and chemical-resistant polyethylene material

Sturdy, easy-grip handles molded directly into the blower and canister housing makes for convenient, reliable transport

Weight: 38 lbs.

* Polyethylene housing and canister assembly
* Lightweight, corrosion, UV and chemical resistant
* Super quiet
* “Safety orange”
* Bottom enclosure to protect electrical components
* Built-in On/Off switch
* Carry handle molded into blower and canister housing
* Steel powder coated grill

* HP: 1/3 HP
* Voltage/HZ 12.0 DC
* Max RPM: 4200 RPM
* Current Draw: 25 Amps
* Fuse: Inline 30A
* Connection: 15’ (4.75m) Alligator Clips
* Cord: SJOOW, AGW 12/3 90C 300V neoprene medium duty

* Polypropylene six blade fan

DUCTING: (included on 9536-15 and 9536-25 models)
* Single-ply lightweight vinyl/polyester, PVC coated 180°F (82.2°C) temperature resistant
* Non-Collapsible Retractable design
* Class 1 hard drawn spring steel wire helix, ASTM 227 Specs
* Yellow with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment strap

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