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Allegro 9920 Half Mask Constant Flow Supplied Air Respirator Mask

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Allegro 9920 is a Half Mask Supplied Air Respirator. It is super comfortable to wear for long periods of time and offers you a continuous flow of air. The over the shoulder design is of our full face respirator is also featured on this half mask too. It connects quickly using the OBAC fitting quick connect. This respirators low profile design allows it to fit comfortably under welding shields. The skirt is easy to clean as it is made of silicone and won't lose its shape during storage.

Allegro 9920 Half Mask Respirator

Allegro 9920

This comfortable half mask respirator offers low pressure, continuous flow protection with the same unique “over the shoulder” hose design and belt as the full face piece respirator mask. It’s durable and easy to use with OBAC quick connects. The low profile design allows it to fit under welding shields. The skirt is made from silicone, is easy to clean and it won’t lose its shape in storage. NIOSH approval


  • Durable silicone rubber maintains shape while in storage
  • Hypoallergenic and chemical/Ozone resistant
  • Comfortable even in extreme heat and cold environments


  • Unique exhalation valve design.
  • Easily accessible for fast replacement and servicing
  • Large diameter for minimal breathing resistance


  • Standard double strap keeps mask in place
  • Made of durable rubber


  • 90 Degree elbow allows it to be directed over the shoulder and out of the way
  • Corrugated material for flexibility
  • Lightweight material for greater comfort and less fatigue
  • OBAC quick-connect plug with wide diameter and minimal air restriction
  • Low profile nylon waist belt
  • Plastic clip to restrain airline hose from pulling on the face piece

NIOSH Approval:

  • Approval No. TC-19C-355
  • Use only Allegro approved airline hose.

* We also offer Allegro Full Face Respirator Mask- AS 9901

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