Supplied Air Respirator Systems

Allegro has developed a complete line of NIOSH approved supplied air respirator systems. Their full mask SAR and fully disposable hoods offer incredible flexibility and ease of use in confined spaces and contaminated environments. Their complete systems come in one box with one part number to make your ordering experience even easier and more efficient. Allegro Respirator Systems are offered as low pressure systems and welding systems to meet your needs. The low pressure respirator systems come with half mask, full mask or respirator hoods. The half mask and full mask respirator systems are offered for use as one worker up to three work systems with pumps that range from 1/4 hp up to 1 1/2 hp depending on the number of workers the pump can handle. Our Supplied Air Hood Respirator Systems can handle either one or two workers and the pumps range in size of 3/4 hp to 1 1/2 hp motors. Each version also have the choice of hose length as well to help you the exact needs of your job site.