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Sentry 42" Round Concrete Wrap Kit

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Concrete Wraps protect concrete columns in parking and industrial facilities. Concrete Wrap by Sentry protect the structural integrity of your column bases as well as cars, tow motors and the people driving them.

Sentry Concrete Wrap Kit

Concrete Wrap Kit 42" Round- This Concrete Wrap Kit contains 2 sheets and straps to fit 24" diameter column

Concrete Wrap™ adds a durable layer of protection around your existing round concrete columns, protecting both your column and vehicles from collision damage. Concrete Wrap™ increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether. Formed from a 2" (50mm) layer of polyurethane foam with a protective EVA shell. 

2" (50mm) thick foam body with durable EVA skin

ribbed inner surface to form-fit for a variety of round columns

belt recesses to allow for easy installation with no tools

easily modified to fit most round columns.

add pieces for larger columns; cut pieces for smaller columns

Blanket Protection for Concrete… Concrete columns require constant maintenance. In parking and industrial facilities, they are constantly struck by cars, trucks and tow motors. The concrete gets scraped, chipped and cracked, eventually needing costly replacement in materials, downtime and man-hours.

With Concrete Wrap, a Sentry Protection Product, innovation is always on guard. Easily installed and long-lasting, Concrete Wrap protects the structural integrity of your column bases as well as cars, tow motors and the people driving them.

Column Sentry® Concrete WrapTM solves all of your concrete base problems, and it’s:
A blanket of protection that cushions the blow
Column Sentry Concrete Wrap is molded from a semi-flexible, crack-resistant plastic
Thick foam padding absorbs the force of tow motor impact, protecting your people, equipment and concrete from damage
Grips tightly around concrete, minimizing slippage when hit from any angle
Optimal 2” thickness minimizes impact force while conserving floor space

Eliminates the constant chipping, painting and maintenance of concrete bases
Waterproof, easy to clean
Chemical-resistant and non-conductive
UV stabilized Bright Safety Yellow plastic is highly visible and permanently prevents fading
Protects under virtually any condition and in temperatures down to 0˚F
Easily removable

Flexible with a perfect custom fit
Available in 42” and 48” heights
Multiple kits can be used for larger concrete applications
Quick, easy installation:
* Wrap blankets around concrete;

* Trim off excess to create a custom fit.

* Tighten straps and lock in place.

Perfect for retrofit over your existing concrete bases
Save time, labor and the cost of other materials

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