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Double Bib Pharmaceutical Tyvek Hood w/Personal Air Cooler

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Allegro 9913-C Double Bib Pharmaceutical High Pressure Hood has a patented breathing tube integrated directly into the hood. This hoods multi layer foam tubing material works to prevent the down tubes from being crushed or twisted up. These same layers also provide you with a sound dampening system that was designed with the stringent NIOSH requirements. The tube is splash-resistant and entirely disposable.

Double Bib Pharmaceutical Tyvek Hood w/Personal Air Cooler

Allegro 9913-C

 Available in Poly-coated DuPont® (PN 9911-29) or Saran-coated Tyvek (PN 9911-29S)
 Splash-resistant hood and bibs
 Patented fully disposable down-tube, no need to clean or decontaminate
 Oversized hood is ideal for workers with beards or goggles
 Double bib design
 Hook and loop underarm straps keep hood from rising
 Unique no-suspension design
 Universal high-pressure hood offered with control valve, cooler
and temperature controller

 Multi-layer foam sound dampening system prevents crushing or twisting during use
 Meets stringent NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside a hood
 Located behind the hood, allowing it to be out of the way
 Positioning loop to keep down-tube behind worker

 Clear co-polyester (PETG), 15 mil
 Large 8” x 14” (20.3cm x 35.5cm) panoramic viewing
 Distortion-free
Third party simulated workplace study showing protection factors at the 5th percentile in excess of 100,000. Ask Allegro for detail test results.

** Use only Allegro Approved High Pressure Airline Hoses.

Our Tyvek respirator hood has a patented breathing tube integrated directly into the hood. The tube is splash-resistant and entirely disposable. Although made flexible for on-the-job performance, the multi-layer foam tubing material prevents downtubes from being crushed or twisted, with the tube’s foam layers providing a sound-dampening system both unique and made in accordance with stringent NIOSH requirements. This hood is engineered without head harness for freedom of movement and comfort. Velcro underarm straps keep the hood from rising. 8" x 14" viewing window offers an extensive field of vision and aptly accommodates workers with beards or goggles. The hood can be used with either an Allegro Personal Air Cooler or an Allegro Air Temperature Controller. Constructed from poly-coated Tyvek, this double-bib hood offers greater protection for workers. Inner bib tucks into garments, allowing air to flow down across the body for a cooling effect.

Allegro Industries contracted the US Army's ECBC (Edgewood Chemical Biological Center) to perform a third party test using a protocol similar to the one used on a limited number of styles in the 1996 study. The protocol had to be slightly modified to adapt to the procedures used by the ECBC (Research Development and Engineering Command) testing facility, which is where the actual testing took place.

The goal of this test was to certify and record actual simulated workplace protection factors (SWPF) of the Allegro Hoods and to compare the results of these tests to those hoods tested in the 1996 ORC Study. The test results show that the Allegro hoods do perform at least equal to those that now have an OSHA variance of APF (Assigned Protection Factor) 1000 as a result of the ORC Study.

Allegro's objective for the Protection Factor test was to determine the efficiency of the Allegro Supplied Air Hood (SAH) in protecting the wearer from aerosolized chemical and airborne biological particles. The tests conducted at ECBC incorporated the use of fifteen (15) civilian test subjects. Each test subject was submitted to twelve two-minute-long exercises. The exercises used were derived from the 1996 ORC Study and were chosen because of their similarity to everyday tasks performed in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. All subjects were tested twice in each hood configuration in the aerosolized ECBC Test Chamber.

The sophisticated equipment ECBC used to record the results during the test offered 1200 data points for each exercise. The state-of-the-art facility is capable of detecting fit factors up to 100,000. An analysis of the test results indicate that, at the 5th percentile, Allegro's hoods tested to a fit factor of the maximum of 100,000.

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