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Magnetic Barricade

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BlockadeTM Barricades help you to identify and surround hazardous areas around your worksite.

BlockadeTM Barricades

X Marks The Hazard Spot!
Highly visible BlockadeTM Barricades identify and surround hazardous areas. Portable panels make a quick and easy warning system.

Bright yellow, X-shaped panels are impact-resistant, hollow plastic, measuring 42"h x 21"w x 1 1/2"d. Panel has convenient interlock-hinge design to easily connect to one another - start with two together and expand to as many as you need. The hinge is offset to allow the BlockadesTM to fold flat together without taking them apart for easy storage and portability.

Magnetic Style
Upper and lower panels have attention-getting black and yellow stripes on one side. Upper panel is changeable with a steel plate to hold magnetic message panels (sold separately). Remove and replace the magnetic panel to change, mix and match to the appropriate message.

Message panels sold separately.

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