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Medi-Rip Self-Adhering Wrap - 3" x 5 Yard Roll

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Medi-Rip self-adhering wrap and compression bandage that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It will not adhere to skin or hair and will not leave adhesive residue behind. It easily conforms to all body contours and is easy to rip off the length you need.


Medi-Rip Wrap 3'' x 5 yards

Medi-Rip self-adhering wrap sticks to itself, but not hair, skin or clothing. Tears easily to exact length. Scissors are not required as Medi-Rip tears easily to the desired length. Because it conforms easily to all body contours, Medi-Rip Wrap is easy to control and apply. It is a lightweight compression bandage which sticks to itself, but not to other material or skin.

Features of Medi Rip Wrap:

  • Sticks only to itself, never skin or hair, without pins, clips or tape
  • Provides superior support and compression
  • Woven of 99% cotton yarn
  • Porous and comfortable to wear
  • Hand-tears to desired length
  • Conforms easily to body contours

3" x 5 yards

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