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Signal Flip Safety Scoreboard- LED Lite Accuform SCT202

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This Signal Flip Safety Scoreboard will help you get your safety message across in a powerful way! This 3-in-1 safety scoreboard draws the full attention to the status of safe work days in your facility! Digi Day Plus features four digit bright red 4" tall numbers which automatically advance every 24 hours. It is water and tamper proof that is easily set with a handheld remote control

Signal Flip Safety Scoreboard- LED Lite

LED-LITE™ Signal-Flip Scoreboards

Promote safety in a BIG way with LED-LITE™ Signal-Flip 3-in-1 Scoreboards! Draw full attention to the status of safe work days in your facility with bright lights and big safety messages. Dedicate the entire scoreboard face for promoting the number of safe work days in your facility, while digitally showing off the current number of safe days. If a near-miss or lost-time accident occurs, just “flip” the message down – covering the digital counter and drawing attention to a change in status at your facility. Each message is complemented by a brightly-lit, eye-catching, traffic-style light. If the safety status at your facility changes, flip it!
Prominently place at entrances* where employees, contractors, and visitors can see.

Safety Scoreboard:
• Panels flip between “Safety”, “Caution”, and “Attention” messages
• Durable face and flip panels with locking hinges
• Large 6' wide x 3' tall x 6" deep aluminum cabinet

Traffic Light
• Full size, traffic-style lights indicate the safety status with red, yellow and green lights
• Bright, LED bulbs behind 8" dia lenses
• Lights are controlled by switches
• Flasher feature available for added attention (sold separately)

Digi-Day® Plus+
• Four-digit, bright red, 4" tall numbers
• Display automatically advances every 24 hours
• Water and tamper-proof display easily sets with handheld remote control

Technical Specs: Scoreboard operates on 110 VAC with 8-ft power cord and grounded plug. Includes 3/8" dia mounting brackets.

*Recommended installation of the scoreboard: under a protective overhang or roofline, covered shelter, or covered entryway. For damp and wet conditions, plug into a GFI outlet with a weatherproof protective receptacle cover.

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