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Signal Safety Scoreboard- LED-Lite Stop A Lost Time Accident Accuform SCT921

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Signal Safety Scoreboards are Great for attention getting with bright coloring and a three signal traffic style LED Lite. The full size three signal traffic light helps you to promote a safety status within your warehouse, plant or facility.

Signal Safety Scoreboard

with backlit display face and 2.5" digi day counter

LED-Lite Stop! A Lost Time Accident Has Occurred. Caution! A Near Miss Accident Has Occurred. We Have Worked #### Days Without A Lost Time Accident.

Get Really Big on Safety!

• Attention-getting 6-ft wide by 3-ft tall large scoreboard
• Bold, colorful-design safety message
• Full-size three-signal traffic light to promote safety status
• Keep track of safe work days automatically with a Digi-Day® digital counter

Three-signal traffic-style LED-LITE™ shines brightly through 8" diameter lenses, backlit from LED bulbs, each with their own on/off switch. The face design features bold colors and large letters, printed on durable acrylic. The 4" deep aluminum frame surrounds the scoreboard cabinet with aluminum back. Also available with fully illuminated front face, completely backlit with LED lights.

Scoreboard is powered by energy-efficient, LED technology. Bright, long-lasting LED lights provide low maintenance and less space for a lightweight cabinet in its size. Operates on 110 VAC with 8-ft power cord and grounded plug.

• Four-digit, brightly-lit, red LED numbers display
• Tamper-proof display easily sets with handheld remote control
• Set safe work day numbers, time, and time to change – numbers advance automatically
• Available in 2 1/2"H numbers Digi-Day® for indoors, and 4"H numbers Digi-Day® Plus+ is sealed for damp and wet environments

Language: English
2 1/2" Digi Day Counter
Backlit Display Face

**For Semi-Custom option, contact our office at 800-509-0091 for art requirements**

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