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Allegro 9536 8" Axial DC Plastic Blower, 12V

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Allegro 9356 8"Axial DC Plastic Blower 

Designed for easy use and storage without sacrificing airflow

The canister attaches to intake or output of the blower for suction or ventilation. 

Sturdy, easy-grip handles molded directly into the blower and canister housing makes for convenient, reliable transport

Can run off a truck battery

Compact blower and canister are made of durable, lightweight corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant and chemical-resistant polyethylene material. 


* Polyethylene housing and canister assembly
* Lightweight, corrosion, UV and chemical resistant
* Super quiet
* “Safety orange”
* Bottom enclosure to protect electrical components
* Built-in On/Off switch
* Carry handle molded into blower and canister housing
* Steel powder coated grill

* HP: 1/4 HP
* Voltage/HZ 12.0 DC
* Max RPM: 4200 RPM
* Current Draw: 22 Amps
* Fuse: Inline 30A
* Connection: 15’ (4.75m) Alligator Clips
* Cord: SJOOW, AGW 12/3 90C 300V neoprene medium duty

* Polypropylene six blade fan

DUCTING: (included on 9536-15 and 9536-25 models)
* Single-ply lightweight vinyl/polyester, PVC coated 180°F (82.2°C) temperature resistant
* Non-Collapsible Retractable design
* Class 1 hard drawn spring steel wire helix, ASTM 227 Specs
* Yellow with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment strap

Blower Dimensions:
* 13 1/4" L x 12" W x 13 3/4"
* Weight: 17 pounds

Flow Rates:
* Free Air 816
* One 90 degree Bend 526
* Two 90 degree Bends 442

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