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Allegro 9820-LP Allegro Air Airline Cooling System (LP)

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The Allegro 9820-LP Airline Cooling System offers the user comfort and therefore increased worker productivity. Offers you and your workers a low cost yet portable way to cooling breathing air that is produced by an ambient air pump. Low cost and portable means of cooling breathing air while keeping workers comfortable and productive for hours. Capable of reducing the air temperature from 180 degrees F to as low as 50 degrees F. Connected to the ambient air pump through a 5' long inlet supply airline using a heavy duty "Chicago Style" coupler.

Air flowing though the FDA grade PVC temperature cooling coil inside the 70 quart cooler reduces the air temperature by having ice poured onto and around the coil. Coils are separated to allow ice to surround hose. The outlet air if filtered at the end of the coil line by a 5 micron particulate air filter, which removes condensation that may build up in the hose. An adjustable relief valve allows the user to adjust the air flow. Single outlet coupler can adapt to 3 worker manifold and can be used with up to 3 worker ambient air pump. Transportation is made easy with durable wheels and a locking telescoping pull handle. 


  • 70 quart “MAXCOLD” Igloo Cooler
  • Durable wheels and locking telescope pull handle
  • “Chicago Style” inlet couplet
  • Uses FDA Grade, 3-A sanitary standard, PVC tubing for temperature cooling coil
  • Meets point-of attachment requirements with built-in adjustable pressure relief valve and pressure gauges
  • Inline 5-micon particulate filter with manual drain
  • Single outlet coupler can adapt quickly to accept 3-worker manifold
  • Use with 1-, 2- or 3-worker ambient air pumps- not included
  • Cooling system will provide cool air for hours

The air temperature at the outlet coupler of the cooler will be approximately 50º to 60º F.
However, the air temperature coming out of the end of the breathing air line at the respirator
may be warmer due to exposure from ambient air temperature. This outlet temperature will vary
depending on the location and environment of the hose and the temperature exposed.

Weight- 28 lbs- (less ice)
Dimensions -20” w x 21”d x 24” h
Pressure Range- 0-15 PSIG

OutletCouplers - 1 to 3 Rectus/ OBAC
Inlet Coupler - 1/2 Chicago Style
Max. Outlet Hose Length- 100 ft
Inlet Hose- 1" D x 5' long

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