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Allegro 9900-45 Breathing Air Pump CO Monitor

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Connects inline to outlet of any Breathing Air Pump to monitor and warn of any dangerous levels of carbon monoxide entering into the air line supplying breathing air to the user. This unit is powered by a 115V AC to 9V DC power adapter. A 9V DC Alkaline battery acts as an automatic back-up if AC power is lost to the monitor. Housed in a portable, rugged Pelican case with handle and latches for protection and security. Threaded tee is included.


  • Housed in a portable rugged Pelican case.
  • Air sample line connects to pump easily.

CO Monitor:

  • Power Source: 115V AC to 9V DC adapter 9V DC Alkaline (back-up)
  • Alarm Set Point: 10 PPM of CO (Canada 5 PPM)
  • Audible: 90 dB Piezo Alarm
  • Visual: External AC Power on LED Light
  • Sensor: Replaceable Electrochemical
  • Key Pad: Mode and Set
  • Modes: Normal Operation, Peak, Battery Level and Calibration
  • Calibration: Self adjusting calibration using 20 PPM CO
  • Gas


  • Clear Acrylic Body
  • Precision Metering Valve
  • Range from 0.0 to 1.0 LPM

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