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Allegro 9912-D Double Bib Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood CF SAR Assembly w/ Susp. & LP Flow Adapter w/ OBAC Fitting

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Allegro 9912-D Double Bib Respirator Hood is maintenance free and made of poly coated Tyvek material. It also has two bibs to increase your protection. The inner bib tucks inside your protective clothing allowing air flows down to cool your body while the outer bib hooks under arms with hook and loop material keeping the bib from rising up. The extra large lens offers you greater visibility.

Double Bib Respirator Hood Maintenance Free with Low Pressure Flow Adapter and Suspension


Allegro 9912-D


This double bib fully disposable tyvek respirator hood is made of poly-coated Tyvek material, this respirator hood offers the increased protection of two bibs. The inner bib tucks inside protective garments so air flows down for a cooling effect on the body, and the outer bib secures under the arms with velcro to keep the hood from rising up. The respirator hood features an extra large lens for better visibility.

This Allegro respirator hoodby offers the same convenient design with the down tube and suspension built in, making the complete respirator hood fully disposable.

• Increased protection of two bibs
• Inner bib directs air flow down cooling the body
• Outer bib secures under arms preventing hood from rising
• Features extra large lens for better visibility
• Designed to connect to LP Flow Adapter

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