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Sentry 48" Tall Concrete Wrap Sheet - 44" Wide

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Concrete Wrap by Sentry Protection are easily installed and long-lasting. These Concrete Wraps protect the structural integrity of your column bases as well as cars, trucks, fork lifts and the people driving them.

Concrete Wrap Sheet 48"

Concrete Wrap keeps your concrete bases virtually maintenance free!

Concrete Wrap™ adds a durable layer of protection around your existing round concrete columns, protecting both your column and vehicles from collision damage. Concrete Wrap™ increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether. Formed from a 2" (50 mm) layer of polyurethane foam with a protective EVA shell.

2" (50 mm) thick foam body with durable EVA skin
ribbed inner surface to form-fit for a variety of round columns
belt recesses to allow for easy installation with no tools
easily modified to fit most round columns.
add pieces for larger columns; cut pieces for smaller columns

Blanket Protection for Concrete… Concrete columns require constant maintenance. In parking and industrial facilities, they are constantly struck by cars, trucks and tow motors. The concrete gets scraped, chipped and cracked, eventually needing costly replacement in materials, downtime and man-hours.

With Concrete Wrap, a Sentry Protection Product, innovation is always on guard. Easily installed and long-lasting, Concrete Wrap protects the structural integrity of your column bases as well as cars, tow motors and the people driving them.

Volume discounts available, email or call 800-506-0091

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