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Blue Bandages

Blue Bandages

Our Hi Vis Blue Bandages are used to protect a cut from infection while protecting food that is being processed, served and or manufactured from contamination. The hi vis blue color of these bandaids stick out and are visible if for some reason that one slips off the person wearing them. The blue color of these bandaids will "stand out" allowing them to be easily found. 

We offer Hi Vis Blue Bandages is several different styles such as the most common hi vis blue strip bandaids that measure 1" x 3" , hi vis blue knuckle bandages and hi vis blue fingertip bandages that will work to protect most any cut and or abrasion that an employee needs to protect during the workday.  Hi Vis Blue Finger Cots will also add another layer of protection. Blue Finger Cots provide protection from minor cuts or wounds on fingers while working. These blue finger cots also help to keep out dirt and moisture from an injury on the workers finger. 

 Waterproof Blue, Metal Detectable Bandages Now Available!

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