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Haws Instantaneous Electric Water Heater- 25 GPM

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Haws Instantaneous Electric Water System- offers you the capability of on demand hot water without the need of a large storage tank. Safety features of this Instantaneous Water Heater System features a safety system to protect against temperature controller failure.

Haws Instantaneous Electric Water System- 25 GPM Haws 9325

Haws 9325 is an emergency shower electric water heating system designed to eliminate the need for large water storage tanks, as well as the continuous energy demand to maintain them at higher temperatures. This will also provide safety showers with an unlimited supply of tepid water, eliminating the "recovery time" needed to reheat large storage tanks after use.

Haws 9325 instantaneous heater systems consist of a controlled heater package housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure, along with the following additional features:

*Lockable ball valves on the system inlet and outlet piping.

1-1/4" unions for customer connection.

Inlet Y-strainer to protect system from debris.

Temperature and pressure gauges to allow system monitoring during use, and verify system operation during scheduled testing.

Solenoid bypass valve, to prevent dangerous water temperatures in the event of a temperature controller failure, and to allow direct water supply to safety equipment in the event of loss of power. Also, by disconnecting power, the user can manually circumvent a flow blockage, maintaining water supply to emergency shower and eyewash units.

The standard Haws 9325 instanteneous electric water heater is sized to heat enough water for one shower/eyewash combo at a time. This water heating system should be installed in close proximity to the shower. It should be clearly identified, with easy access, and should remain free from obstruction.

Unit is NOT for use in freezing environments

Other options or modifications available upon request.

Technical Details

Overall dimensions are approximately 72" H x 38" W x 12" D

Input Power: 126 KW

Required Service Amperage: 200 A

Minimum water supply temperature to provide tepid water at 80°F: (27°C): 46°F (8°C).

Approximate pressure drop @ 25 gpm: 35 psi

Haws 9325 WYE Version

Haws Model 9325 Tempered Water Instantaneous Heater System is provided in a 480VAC/3-Phase "Wye" version. It requires 3 power leads, a neutral conductor, and a ground conductor each sized for the full amperage of the system. It is micro-processed-controlled, to an accuracy of +-1°F. It requires wall-mounting, or bolting to some vertical surface.

Note that the customer is responsible for providing a local fused disconnect switch or circuit breaker size. Provision of this switch can be quoted as an optional system adder. The customer should check with local code authorities regarding temperature or pressure relief valve requirements - if back flow prevention is present, a relief valve may be required.

Please contact Haws Engineering if application must require installation in a hazardous classified location, or with different power requirements. Some different wattages are available, as well as a 480VAC/3-Phase "Delta" version as a special order. This version requires 3 power leads, and a ground conductor each sized for the full amperage of the system (no neutral required). It is digitally-controlled to an accuracy of +-2°F. It requires either wall mounting or floor mounting.

Indicate if this type of heater is desired as part of a typical Haws skid-mounted or booth-enclosed tempering system, or shower/eyewash packaged unit.

Pricing available upon request for the voltage and amperage stated above. Please contact our office for pricing details 800 506-0091.

** NOT for use in freezing environments

*See below for spec sheet on this emergency shower /eyewash water heater

* This Instantaneous Water Heater System ships via freight truck. We will contact you with actual freight charges prior to processing your order. Your order will not be processed without your approval of the freight rate.

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