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Haws TWBS.HF Emergency Valve with Flow Rate to 78 gpm

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Haws TWBS.HF Emergency Valve with Flow Rate to 78 gpm

This Haws Thermostatic Mixing Valve model TWBS.HF has a flow rate of 1-78 gpm for better temperature control across the operating range. It thermostatically mixes cold and hot water to provide a safe water supply for your emergency showers and emergency eyewash units.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Model TWBS.HF, low lead Emergency Valve (patent pending), thermostatically mixes hot and cold water to provide a safe fluid supply for emergency shower and eyewash equipment. The valve contains a secondary high temperature limit valve to provide additional protection to the user in the event of main tempering valve malfunction. Additionally, to ensure a fail-safe water supply for emergency shower and eyewash stations, a pressure sensing diverter valve is provided that sends a pressure signal to open the cold water by-pass valve in the event of hot water pressure loss, main valve thermostat malfunction, or clogged cold water check-stop. (No gauges supplied - ASSE 1071 standard recommends gauges be placed 5 to 8 feet (1.52 to 2.44 m) downstream for the most accurate temperature measurement.)

  • A flow rate of 1 to 78 gpm (295 L) for better temperature control across the operating range
  • Lowest internal pressure drop for this class of valve (advantage where supply pressure is low)
  •  Wax based thermostat technology for fast response time with proven highly reliable temperature control
  • Highest Cold Water Bypass flow rate in the industry (100% of rated tepid flow rate)
  • Modular low-lead brass design with internal check stops
  • Oversized valve seats resist failures caused by foreign matter
  • A new and efficient shuttle design eliminates valve sticking
  • A custom funnel design improves temperature control at low flow rates
  • Outlet temperature is factory set to 85° F (29° C)
  • Tempered water: High temperature limit is factory set to 87° F (30° C)
  •  0.0 gpm cold water failure rate when tested according to ASSE 1071
  • Cold water by-pass valves are closed during normal operation, regardless of flow rate

Listings: ASSE 1071, CSA B125.3, NSF/ANSI 61-section 8, California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953).

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