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Disposable Half Mask Hood Tyvek (coated polypropylene) 12/pkg

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These Allegro 1413 Disposable Half Mask Hood is made of Coated Polypropylene and designed to fit most any APR or SAR half mask respirator. This disposable hood will help you to extend the life of your half mask respirators including the disposable and limited use respirators you may use.

Disposable Half Mask Hood Tyvek

Allegro 1413
Designed to fit most APR and SAR half mask respirators, this hood helps extend the life of all half masks, including disposable and limited use respirators. Its patented design offers a large clear window to protect eyes and allow the use of safety glasses while an elastic opening exposes the respirator cartridges and exhalation valve, eliminating the possibility of fogging.


 100% polypropylene or coated polypropylene available
 Lightweight
 Provides protection from overspray, dust and dirt
 Extends the life of the half mask
 Large clear window
 Elastic opening for cartridges, exhalation valve
 Fits most APR and SAR half mask

12 per package

Also Available: 1411 Polypropylene 12 each
12 per package.

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